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Louisiana Family Forum is committed to defending faith, freedom and the traditional family in the great state of Louisiana!

There are lots of ways to protect our great state:

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  • Check your legislator! Click here to see who your legislators are and then…
  • See how they voted! Check the LFF Legislative Scorecards below to see how your lawmaker voted on Louisiana’s traditional family values!

Louisiana Senate Scorecards

2016 Senate Scorecard

2015 Senate Scorecard

2014 Senate Scorecard

2013 Senate Scorecard

2012 Senate Scorecard

2011 Senate Scorecard

2010 Senate Scorecard

2009 Senate Scorecard

2008 Senate Scorecard

2007 Senate Scorecard

2006 Senate Scorecard

2005 Senate Scorecard

2004 Senate Scorecard

Louisiana House of Representatives Scorecards

2016 House Scorecard

2015 House Scorecard

2014 House Scorecard

2013 House Scorecard

2012 House Scorecard

2011 House Scorecard

2010 House Scorecard

2009 House Scorecard

2008 House Scorecard

2007 House Scorecard

2006 House Scorecard

2005 House Scorecard

2004 House Scorecard

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