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For Immediate Release – John Bel Edwards’ Psychological Warfare

Friday, February 12th, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  February 12, 2016

John Bel Edwards’ Psychological Warfare

Baton Rouge, La. — Gene Mills, President of the Louisiana Family Forum, had this to say of Governor Edwards’ state of the State address yesterday:

“TOPS is subject to legislative appropriation. The Governor has no authority to cut TOPS. Even if Gov. Edwards uses his unilateral authority to reduce the State General Fund by 3% and statutory dedications by 5%, the legislature can appropriate money in a supplemental bill in the regular session to fully fund TOPS. The Governor may line item veto it, but the legislature will override that veto.

“John Bell’s actual strategy last night came straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook. It is a classic bait and switch: tell them the sky has fallen on TOPS, and while they are fussing about it and the end of college football, force the largest tax increase in the history of Louisiana!

“Keep your eyes on the spending – see John Kennedy’s plan to rectify Louisiana’s shortfall!”



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Sunday, September 20th, 2015

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Experience the End of Week with Gene Mills!

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

End of Week Header

The Louisiana Family Forum “End of Week with Gene Mills” is a weekly newsletter, from the desk of LFF’s President, keeping you informed and up-to-date on state and national issues and events important to traditional family values.

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2015 Award Recipients

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015


Award Recipients


Life and Liberty Awards are given each year to legislators who successfully authored key legislation or initiative that promoted life, family and liberty:

  • Senator Gerald Long, R- Winnfield, SCR 69: Support Louisiana public students to assemble for religious expression and to express their religious beliefs.
  • Representative Tim Burns, R- Mandeville, HB 153: Prohibits Material Harmful to Minors.
  • Representative Valarie Hodges, R-Denham Springs, HB 836: Marriage Fraud Protection.
  • Representative Katrina Jackson, D-Monroe, HB 635: Preserving Funding for Student Tuition Organizations.
  • Representative John Schroder, R-Covington, HB 542: Phase out Common Core Testing.
  • Representative Julie Stokes, R- Kenner, HB 489: Criminalizes Revenge Porn.
  • Representative Thomas Willmott, R- Kenner, HB 603: Strengthens Safe Haven Law.

Representative Outstanding Family Advocate


Senator Outstanding Family Advocate


Representative Family Advocate


Senator Family Advocate


For Immediate Release: Today Is a Great Day In Louisiana!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Contact: Gene Mills, President, Louisiana Family Forum
Phone: 225-344-8533
For Immediate Release: 01/11/2016

Baton Rouge, La.—Today is a great day for Louisiana! In a refreshingly non-partisan vote, the members of the House averted a disaster by electing a conservative as Speaker of House. Republicans have exercised their constitutional prerogative as a 3rd branch of government and said no thank you to a pro-choice Speaker. The election of Representative Taylor Barras as Speaker of the House will have positive implications for pro-life and pro-family public policy for our state. This decision will help Governor Edwards keep his honor code to be a pro-life and pro-family governor.

Louisiana Family Forum is grateful for the work of Representative Cameron Henry in bringing this vote forward. Without his leadership and tenacity, a liberal, Rep. Walt Leger, would now be the Speaker. It was truly an unselfish act when he removed his name for consideration in the runoff vote, thus paving the way for Rep. Barras to get a majority of the votes (56 votes out of 105).

LFF also is thrilled to see our friends Beryl Amedee and Rick Edmonds take their oath of office as new members of the House.

Gene Mills, President of Louisiana Forum offered this observation on the vote: “Today is a great day, for Louisiana, for pro-life, and pro-family, today is a good day for limited constitutional government. LFF celebrates this first great act of the Louisiana House of Representatives.”


Statewide Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement

Sunday, August 9th, 2015



Join Louisiana Family Forum on Monday, September 14, as the faith community and public servants commemorate a Statewide Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement (#Pray4Blue). 

Governor Jindal will host a public prayer time on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol at 11:30AM to ask God to restore His hand of protection over the Louisiana law enforcement. State and local police, public officials and faith leaders will be present to honor the service and sacrifice of our officers and pray for the men and women who selflessly give to our communities every day. The public is invited.

Governor Jindal also encourages communities across the state to organize their own events and join him in prayer on this day.

WHO: Governor Bobby Jindal, Louisiana Law Enforcement, Public Officials and Faith Leaders

WHAT: Public prayer rally for Law Enforcement

WHEN: Monday, September 14 @ 11:30AM

WHERE: Louisiana State Capitol (Front steps), 900 N 3rd Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Louisiana Governor’s Forum

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Louisiana Governor’s Forum in Baton Rouge


A debate has been scheduled for this Thursday, November 12, 2015, between Rep. John Bel Edwards and Sen. David Vitter. This debate is sponsored by local churches in Baton Rouge as well as the Louisiana Baptist Message and the Louisiana Family Forum.  This debate will cover social and economic issues important to people of faith and will be moderated by Lewis Richerson, Lead Pastor at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, and Will Hall, Editor of the Louisiana Baptist Message in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Sen. Vitter has confirmed his attendance at this meeting, but as of this post, Bel Edwards’ campaign has yet to respond.

HB 707 Held Hostage by Civil Law – Exonerated By Governor

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015
For Immediate Release…PressRelease-C3.jpg

Contact: Gene Mills – 225-344-8533

Baton Rouge, La.- Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) applauds Governor Jindal for his pledge to protect the religious liberty of those who believe marriage is between one man and one woman, despite an adverse vote in the House Civil Law committee. Although the outcome of the committee vote was 10-2 unfavorable, Gov. Jindal has made it clear that he will “ be issuing an Executive Order shortly that will accomplish the intent of HB 707.”

LFF presented testimony in the committee hearing on HB 707, the Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Benton) introduced HB 707 and explained its necessity in Louisiana. Nearly 150 Louisiana pastors, business owners, public officials and individuals went on record at the Capitol in support of The Marriage and Conscience Act.

The Civil Law committee voted 10-2, on a questionable motion made by Chairman Abramson (D-New Orleans) to return the bill to the calendar, leaving the bill unamended and its outcome in question.

“We are very disappointed in the fact that Rep. Neil Abramson did not even extend the courtesy of allowing Rep. Johnson to place his amendments on the bill,” Gene Mills, President of LFF, “Rep. Johnson did everything possible to answer the spectacular claims of the opponents and to make his bill clear and concise, but the Chairman, aided by Rep. John Bel Edwards (D-Amite), motioned to return the bill to the calendar before the author could amend his bill.”

“By voting with the Chairman today, the House Civil Law committee effectively ignored two-thirds of Louisiana voters, endorsing both the state’s ability to discriminate and the LGBT advocacy groups. The website www.LA4Liberty.comhas registered over 500 businesses and 1,000 citizens in Louisiana in support of the bill. These voices were ignored by today’s committee vote,” Mills concluded.

To view the complete press release click here.


NEW POLL: Support of HB 707

Monday, May 18th, 2015


Baton Rouge, La.-Louisiana Family Forum Action (LFFA) announces that a strong majority of likely voters in Louisiana support the language of HB 707, the Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act by Rep. Mike Johnson, R-Benton, as revealed in a new WPA Opinion Research poll. Upon hearing the actual language of HB 707, participants were asked, “would you say strongly support or oppose the Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act or just somewhat?” Sixty-seven percent (67%) supported the language.

Download the full Press Release Here.

The Marriage and Conscience Act will be heard in the Civil Law Committee for Tuesday, May 19th at 9:00 a.m.


See the language of the bill and why Louisiana needs this bill. BUSINESS OWNERS CAN SIGN THE PLEDGE OF SUPPORT HERE at


Let My Marriage & Conscience Act Go!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Let My Marriage & Conscience Act Go!

Last week, President Obama’s attorney, Donald Verrilli, ominously confirmed to the Supreme Court what Christians have long suspected: if the U.S. Supreme Court issues a 50-state same-sex “marriage” redefinition, attacks upon religious freedom will accelerate and intensify!

Louisiana’s answer? Rep. Mike Johnson’s HB 707, the Marriage and Conscience Act.

Rep. Johnson explains HB 707 more fully here in this video:


Such a ruling by the Supreme Court would open the door for state and federal bureaucracies to punish individuals, churches, religious groups, schools and nonprofits for not surrendering their beliefs on marriage!

  • HB 707 would prevent the State of Louisiana from discriminating against individuals based solely on a deeply held religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
  • HB 707 does not circumvent adjudication in a court of law, where these disputes should be decided.
  • HB 707 does not give one party a distinct advantage over another in any of these claims.
  • HB 707 simply limits the state from discriminating, especially before the dispute is resolved in a court of law.

What is at stake is the constitutionally protected ability to live the Great Commission (Matthew 28) in the public square!

HB 707 is an essential shield to protect against adverse state action! It is a key part of Louisiana’s answer to the war on religious expression being waged in this country. Please respectfully tell your Louisiana lawmaker to support HB 707 right now.

Click here to send your personalized note to committee members.

Currently, HB 707 has been assigned to the Louisiana House Civil Law and Procedure Committee, but Committee Chairman Neil Abramson has not allowed the bill to be scheduled for a hearing. Please tell Rep. Abramson to “let my Marriage and Conscience bill go!” Each Legislator on this committee should be encouraged to allow HB 707 to receive a fair hearing and favorable vote. Click here to view a backgrounder explaining what HB 707 does and why it is needed.


Take Action Now: Send your personalized letter to the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee.