Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the nation. That means tens of thousands of families are affected every year by crime. It’s time for Louisiana to get intentional and become “Smart on Rehabilitation!”

Louisiana is tough on crime. The result is a burgeoning prison population of 38,000, which carries a $700 million price tag per year. Currently, 1 in 3 of our 18,000 “graduates” released each year will return to prison within three years.

The Justice Reinvestment Task Force recommend systemic changes through ten bills. My hope is to see recidivism cut in half over ten years. Expanding re-entry court is one way to accomplish this extraordinary goal. Programs like reentry court promote life skills, judicial oversight, and moderate sentencing resulting in effective reintegration upon release. Essential tools which change lives require a healthy balance between educational, vocational, and moral rehabilitation and life and social skills development. I’ve seen the results at work at Angola. They work well!

If we cut recidivism by half, Louisiana can save $25 million dollars a year. Moreover, we change the trajectory of families on both sides of the crime equation. Instead of re-offenders, we could prepare skillful fathers, mothers, and families which thrive in society. Over a 10-year period, we could reduce the prison population substantially!

LFF has stood firm that the proposed changes should focus on non-violent crimes and offenders. This is key to stakeholder support. The principle is not about getting soft on crime but smart on rehabilitation. That requires a wise investment while we have a captive audience.

LFF has prepared this one page summary of recommendations on the bills for your review as well as the three videos below on Criminal Justice Reform, Redemption, Rehabilitation, and Reinvestment. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us: [email protected] – 225.344.8533 – 800.606.6470.

Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform, Redemption, & Rehabilitation

Criminal Justice Reform & Reinvestment

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