Louisiana family Forum (LFF) has become one of the leading voices in the state for the family. In large part, this is due to the statewide 60-Second Brigade network. Community leaders, churches, pastors, allied organizations, and those with a passion for creating a better Louisiana have become a part of the Brigade.

Throughout the year, there are a number of times we need your help! Whether through writing letters to the editor, emailing or calling elected officials, or turning out to rallies or events, your voice is critical in our efforts to promote foundational values.

By standing together for pro-life, pro-family, conservative principles, we have seen the impact we can have together. Nothing has a more powerful impact on the members of our Louisiana Legislature than hearing directly from their constituents. With our periodic 60-Second Brigade Alert Assignments we will let you know about breaking news and key moments in the policy process so you can weigh-in with elected officials and federal agencies about legislation and regulation that directly impacts life in Louisiana.

Join the LFF 60-Second Brigade and make your voice heard! 60sec

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