Over 100,000 children in Foster Care in the United States.

Nearly 500 children ready for adoption in Louisiana alone.

You can be a part of bringing these children home! 


  1. Create a Fundraising Page by clicking “Register Here” above! (Let us know if you need assistance at 225-344-8533!)
  2. Make your fundraising page personal! Add your photo, why you are going over, why your friends should donate, etc. Then share it with friends and family! (See below “How you can get involved” for Graphics Download)
  3. Fill out this Edger Commitment Form, sign it and send it back!
  4. Send in your $250 Deposit and continue raising! We encourage each of you to go above and beyond even the $1,500 minimum.

Why Louisiana Family Forum is going Over the Edge for Adoption

LFF hopes to provide a unique moment for increasing awareness of the nearly 500 adoption-eligible children in Louisiana’s Foster Care program. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will feature individuals, including policy makers, pastors and key state leaders, rappelling One American Place in Downtown Baton Rouge on May 31st. This event is Phase Two of a three-phase initiative where LFF seeks to reduce red tape in foster care adoptions, raise awareness and connect 100 children to permanent families. For more information on the complete Over the Edge for Adoption Initiative, click here!

How you can get involved

  1. Go Over the Edge! It’s easy! Create a fundraising page and get your friends and family involved in sending you “Over the Edge.” This will not only be a once in a lifetime experience, but you will also be spreading the message that every child stuck in the state Foster Care System deserves a loving family! Please note there is a $250 deposit to hold your spot for this exciting event.
  2. Toss your Pastor, Legislator, Boss, etc. “Over the Edge”! This will increase awareness and get your entire community excited about this initiative and witnessing a rappel!
  3. Sponsor an Edger! Can’t sponsor the full rappel cost of  $1,500? Give just $100, $50, $10 to someone’s rappel. Either by donating online or by mailing a check or cash to LFF.
  4. Post OTE for Adoption Media Graphics! Spread the word about the event by sharing these images through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter with friends, coworkers and family how they can get involved.
  5. Get your business involved! Raise resources and awareness by donating an in-kind donation or commit as a company to raise at least $1,500 to send your boss (or an employee) Over the Edge for Adoption!
  6. Contact LFF for more great ideas on how you can get involved in going Over the Edge for Adoption and join us May 31st in Downtown Baton Rouge for an exciting day of rappelling!

Click here to see what to expect the day of! 

About Louisiana Family Forum

Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Louisiana in 1998 and is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of six married couples. LFF maintains relationships with community-minded organizations in Louisiana and is associated with two nationwide networks of state policy organizations: Focus on the Family and State Policy Network.

Louisiana Family Forum’s mission is to persuasively present biblical principles in the centers of influence on issues affecting the family through communication, networking and research.

About Over the Edge USA

The rappel will be administered by Over the Edge USA with its stringent safety guidelines and proven track record of successful events! This globally-recognized organization will bring their well- trained team and state of the art equipment to Baton Rouge to ensure a safe yet productive full day of rappelling.

Here are some quick facts on OTE Safety:

  1. 1000s of participants
  2. 130+ successful events
  3. Operating within the U.S. since 2008
  4. Zero incidents: building and participant related
  5. Used by many well-known organizations such as the Special Olympics and Make-a-Wish
  6. Compliant with all federal and state OSHA Fall Protection Standards and OSHA Federal and State Laws

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