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Lawrence and Varrie Player
Married: January 27, 1935
Years Together: 82

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Player, for 82 beautiful years! The Players are life-long residents on their family’s property in Benton, Louisiana. They met in 1925 and were married by the age of 21 and 15, respectively. They now have eight living children, 35 grandchildren, and 21 great-grandchildren. What a legacy! Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) endeavors to remind Louisiana decision-makers and couples, young and old, that marriage is a covenant among three parties; the bride, her groom, and their God! Marriage not only “works” but it has the power to produce legacy, loyalty, and love for a lifetime.


Will Henry and Virgina Teasley
Married: July 31, 1936
Years Together: 80

Will Henry and Virginia Bounds Teasley married 80 years ago on July 31, 1936, in Bossier City. Will was born in Bryceland, Louisiana, and Virginia was born in Willow Springs, Missouri. They met at the Louisiana State Fair in autumn of 1935 and married the following summer. Will Henry was in the Army Air Force at Barksdale, but shortly after their marriage, he got out then worked 10 hours a day making enough to support his wife and three children: Barbara, Billy, and Rosemary. At that time, the Teasleys used the majority of their income on groceries, spending $6 dollars each week. Living during the Depression brought financial hardships for many families, but this inspiring couple worked hard to preserve the legacy of covenant marriage and family and be a shining example for many young couples today.

The Teasleys have four grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren! They currently reside in the house they built in 1963. For their 50th anniversary, (over 30 years ago!), they spent a week in Washington D. C. with two of their children. Will Henry and Virginia traveled to many places in the United States over their 80 years together. Congratulations to Mr. Will Henry and Mrs. Virginia Teasley for being Louisiana’s Second Longest Married Couple!


Douglas and Genevieve Acosta
Married: June 22, 1938
Years Together: 78

Sometime between carrying Douglas’ textbooks in the basket of her bike, a late-childhood gift from her father, and playing baseball with the boys in her white high heels, Genevieve fell for Douglas and the pair, after dating for over a year, decided marriage was the next logical step.

Working at the nearby sugar mill for much of his teen years, Douglas earned $2 for a 12-hour day, the majority of which he gave to his mother, save 50 cents. That 50 cents went a long way, eventually supporting his now-wife and three daughters – Pat, Loretta and Cynthia – who followed shortly after the couple, 18 and 17 at the time, wed at Holy Savior Catholic Church in Lockport on June 22, 1938. Douglas headed off to war in January 1945, leaving behind his wife, a 4-year-old, 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, in exchange for combat as part of the U.S. Army’s 52nd Armored Infantry Battalion attached to the 9th Armored Division.

Soon after Douglas’ return from the Army, the Acostas welcomed two more children, Paulette and Steve. All five of the children understood that Douglas, who took up a seven-on, seven-off drilling job with Exxon, was in charge, resuming roles that Genevieve had to fill in his absence. The give-and-take of their marriage continued to work. Genevieve tended to the children and kept the house functioning and Douglas made an honest living, putting food on the table. Eventually, the children moved out and began their own lives. The empty-nest years offered the couple a chance to enjoy a little rest and relaxation.

As kids, the Acostas never imagined they’d live long enough to see the growth of their beloved town. They don’t take it for granted, however. It’s time they’re blessed to have. “If someone had told me when I was in my 20’s that I would still be here when I was 65, I would have said no way,” Douglas explains. “Back in our day when we were born, our life expectancy was about 70 years, and here we are on borrowed time. We’ll take all we can get as long as our memory’s good.”

“Think positive. Never think negative,” Douglas advises. “That’s no good. Today might be a bad day, tomorrow’s gonna be a good day. If you get into an argument, settle it. The way they do today, ‘I’m tired of being married.’ They get mad at one another and say, ‘Well, I’m leaving.’ You gotta talk it over. We had our problems throughout the years but we always worked it out.”

“Don’t leave one another,” Genevieve continues. “Out of all the years we’ve been married, one time we went to bed and didn’t kiss one another goodnight. Now, how many people can say that?”

Douglas and Genevieve have 5 children, 11 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and their first great-great-grandchild born in August 2016.

Courtesy of Melissa Duet, Point of Vue – Houma, Louisiana


Wallace and Gladys Menard
Married: September 17, 1938
Years Together: 78


Wallace and Gladys met at a dance hall in Abbeville, Louisiana in the summer of 1937. Wallace would ride his bicycle all the way from Lafayette to Abbeville to see his lovely lady every Saturday night until they married September 17, 1938. After getting married at ages 19 (Wallace) and 16 (Gladys), the two lived in Lafayette as farmers. They farmed the land they lived on for share crop and made $10 year on the cotton they harvested. For a while, Wallace and Gladys had no electricity, no indoor bathroom, and no car, just a horse and buggy for transportation.

On July 15, 1939, after being married for about a year, Gladys gave birth to their first child, John Wilbert Menard. Following John, their second and third children were born, Robert Joseph Menard and Mary Grace Menard.

In November of 1944, Wallace was drafted into the Navy to serve during WWII. Nine men in his platoon, including Wallace, were plagued with the mumps during their time of service. For Wallace, this resulted in a loss of hearing, which led to his discharge from the Navy after only 7 months.

In 1963, years after Wallace’s return from the Service, Wallace and Gladys built their home in Judice, Louisiana, where they are currently living today. In order to build their home, Wallace worked for a charity hospital making $30 a month and Gladys worked for a local grocer making $1.50 an hour.

After settling in their home, Wallace went to work for the Service Chevrolet as a mechanic for 25 years, and later took his father-in-law’s school bus route for Lafayette Parish. He later opened his own mechanic shop at their home in Judice, and worked there until his retirement.Upon retirement, Wallace and Gladys were able to finish raising their children. As their family continues to grow, Wallace and Gladys are blessed to be able to know and love their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even their great-great-grandchildren!

Upon retirement, Wallace and Gladys were able to finish raising their children. As their family continues to grow, Wallace and Gladys are blessed to be able to know and love their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even their great-great-grandchildren!

George and Laura Harris
Married: April 4, 1940
Years Together: 76

After having met through a mutual friend at a crawfish dinner while attending LSU, George and Laura Claire Harris dated 2 years before being married at the old Sacred Heart Church in Baton Rouge on April 4, 1940.

They rented a small house for their first two years, but when the rent went up $2.50, they decided to build a house where they still live to this day. George did accounting at night for a number of local businesses to save up and buy their first car, an Oldsmobile, affectionately known as the “Old Brown Bomb.”

Together, they belonged to several dance clubs, enjoyed traveling across the country and remember seeing one of the first TV’s in a shop window while in New York. With their deep faith and trust in the Lord, they have both been very involved in volunteer work with several Christian ministries and their church, First New Testament, as well as, opened their home to traveling missionaries.

Laura who received her master’s in music in 1938 taught piano in various schools and provided private lessons for over 55 years. She was a charter member of Baton Rouge Piano Teacher’s Association and created a number of piano contests for her and other’s students. She also enjoys painting.

George, who graduated LSU in 1939 in accounting, went back to work for Exxon (45 years) and helped start the Exxon Federal Credit Union (1934) and even did the books out of his house for a short time. He was involved in the National Board of Credit Unions and received the keys to the City of Monroe after helping start a Credit Union there.

He spent several years making fancy dollhouses to mimic plantations, family homes and other special houses for family and friends. They are very proud of their 3 children, 10 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren who are all very close.


Joseph and Felicie Rogillio
Married: April 16, 1941
Years Together: 75

Joseph C. (Jack) Rogillio and Felicie Langlois were married on April 18, 1941, in Baton Rouge, LA. Felicie lived in Lobdell, LA on Catherine Plantation. Jack was from Baton Rouge and was in the Army. Jack had come home on furlough and was to soon return to the Army base so they decided to elope. They went across the Mississippi River into Baton Rouge and Judge James Womack performed the ceremony in his chambers.

When WWII began, Jack Rogillio went to war. He was sent to England with Service Company, 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles) and parachuted into combat at Normandy and Holland, and then was in the Battle of Bastogne.

After the war, Jack returned to Baton Rouge where he worked at the ESSO refinery. In 1955, Jack joined Standard Vacuum and was assigned jobs around the world. He and Felicie raised their three children in Indonesia, the Philippines, and back home in Louisiana.

The Rogillios now reside in Rosedale, LA on the same street as their oldest daughter, Rachael, and their son. Joe. Another daughter, Jacquelyn, lives in Tennessee.


Charles and Rita Serio
Married: May 6, 1942
Years Together: 74

Wedding bells have been heard ringing for seventy-four years on May 16th as Rita and Charles Serio celebrate the gift of their married love! It only takes a few minutes of being around them to witness the love that they share, as their motto has always been: “I have found the one whom my heart loves!”

It has been said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” For Mr. and Mrs. Charles Serio, better known as Maw and Paw or Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Rita, a couple married for the past 74 years, this quote has become a lifelong dream come true. For you see, they were childhood sweethearts who fell in love in the sixth grade over a box of sparklers, and still today they enjoy being together honoring the covenant of sacramental love!

Married on May 16, 1942, in Morganza, Louisiana, while Mr. Charlie was on a ten-day furlough from the military, this couple committed to becoming visible signs of God to their family and friends. This loving union of husband and wife speaks loudly of their family values! Some of these blessings include spending summer vacations at the beach with their three children and their spouses, four grandchildren and their spouses, and their eight great-grandchildren, touring such places as the Caribbean Islands, Alaska, Italy, Sicily, France, Germany, Sweden, Egypt, England, Israel and Jerusalem with family and friends, dancing to their favorite songs of the 1940’s, and hosting family gatherings on Sundays and special holidays! They can often be found teaming up in the kitchen with Maw doing the cooking and Paw washing the dishes. This dynamic duo has a special place in the hearts of many who know them. Their eagerness to share stories of the past with family and friends makes visiting with them truly a privilege and an honor!

This couple acts with humility and is always thinking of others. They are servants of grace who cultivate love, joy, and peace in all whom they meet! Maw can be found every morning in quiet meditation with her little homemade prayer book which includes special prayer cards and pictures of her children and their families. For you see, she prays for each one by name on a daily basis. She often asks for recent pictures of her great-grandchildren to update her prayer book. Prayers for close friends, relatives and even people she does not even know are also included in her little book! Paw served our country during WWII from 1941-45 in the U.S. Army as a forward observer in the 995th Field Artillery Battalion. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his bravery.

Mrs. Serio is well known throughout the parish of Pointe Coupee for her meticulous skills in the art of sewing. She can often be found mending, altering or even making garments for local friends and her church parish. Mr. Serio delights in the skill of carpentry, restoring antiques, designing furniture for his children and grandchildren, and also helping neighbors with odd jobs around their homes. Both continue to be active in St. Ann’s Catholic Church parish, as well as, the community of the Village of Morganza. They have participated in the Senior Olympics, often being gold and silver medalists in their respective categories.

So, what might we say that can be identified as the glue in this successful marriage? Well, it is a mixture of prayer, family and a simple lifestyle which allows time for this special couple to continue falling in love time and time again! Maw and Paw, Mrs. Rita and Mr. Charlie, or Mr. and Mrs. Serio, whatever name one knows them by, truly have been an inspiration and great model of the sacrament of marriage to many! May God rain down His blessings on them, as they recall the joy of many memories that they have made together over the years!


Arnold and Olga Jones
Married: July 10, 1942
Years Together: 74

Arnold Jones and Olga Wells met in Junction City when he was 18 and she was 16. He was raised in the Hollygrove community, attending Summerfield High School, and she grew up in Junction City, LA. They eloped with another couple and were married in Norphlet, AR, on July 10, 1942. Their entire married life has been lived on the Stateline Road in Junction City.

Arnold was drafted into the U.S. Army and served 25 months in the European Theatre. Their son, Arnold Douglas Jones, Jr., was born while he was serving in Europe. Their daughter, Karen, was born a year after he returned home. Arnold carved a small indention in his rifle to hold Olga’s photo, and that photo has remained in his wallet ever since he returned from the war. His wallet was washed recently and he was so afraid his photo was ruined, but it remained intact—good sealer on it!

Olga is a homemaker, taking care of the home and family, and Arnold pursued a career in the sawmill business. He worked at Reynolds Draper Lumber Company, which became Georgia Pacific Lumber Company for 43 years. As the manager, he became well-known for his expertise in his field. He developed a method for drying export lumber, gaining recognition in the European market.

The family is active in First Baptist Church of Junction City. Arnold serves as a deacon and is still the go-to person when anything needs to be done at the church or parsonage. He has been a member of the city council for 17 years.

Arnold enjoys caring for the home, cutting grass, trimming trees, and taking care of needs at the church or city. Olga enjoys keeping the house and cooking wonderful meals daily. Her family looks forward to her dumplings and hot water cornbread.

Their son, Doug (Donna), lives in Little Rock, and daughter, Karen Smith (Melvin), lives in Junction City. They have four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

It is a joy to see the love and devotion that is present after 74 years and the admiration for this couple by friends and family.


Charles and Helen Simon
Married: August 2, 1942
Years Together: 74

Charles Simon and Helen Dupuis met at a gathering spot for teenagers called the “Pop In” located in Mansura, Louisiana. On Sunday nights, they would gather to visit with friends and dance where the girls were chaperoned by their mothers. Charles finally asked Helen to dance under the watchful eye of her mother, eventually dancing with no one else as the weeks progressed.

They were married at St. Paul’s Catholic Church on August 2, 1942. Charles was drafted into the U.S. Army in October 1942. Four years later, Charles was discharged and returned home. Together they raised eight children; five boys and three girls. The hardest part of their lives was losing two of their children to illness.

In addition to their eight children, Charles and Helen have 22 Grandchildren, 43 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren. Charles and Helen continue to live in their home which was purchased in 1957.


Grover and Dorothy Smith
Married: February 7, 1944
Years Together: 72

Grover and Dorothy Smith were married February 6, 1944.

Grover was on leave from the Army and decided to marry the girl he had been writing for the past few months. He was 19 and she was 14. That was the first time they ever met. They married and then he was off to Europe until the end of the war.

After the war, they settled in DeQuincy, Louisiana and raised a family of three boys, Jim, Terry, and Dubby. Their family has grown and they now have 7 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren!

Grover is now 92 and Dorothy is 86. Their house is surrounded by the family they raised and the neighborhood is filled with the love they showed to all their children.

Kenneth & Alma Honeycutt
Mer Rouge, Louisiana
Married: April 27, 1944
Years Together: 72
John & Betty Sue Torbert
Pineville, Louisiana
Married: June 18, 1944
Years Together: 72
Merle & Dayle Wilging
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Married: October 8, 1944
Years Together: 72
William & Frances Rosevally
Covington, Louisiana
Married: June 25, 1944
Years Together: 72
Charles & Carolyn Ennis
Mandeville, Louisiana
Married: April 28, 1945
Years Together: 71
Gerald (Bud) & Oleta Folds Hilburn
Baskin, Louisiana
Married: January 16, 1946
Years Together: 71
Allen & Helen Walker
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Married: January 11, 1947
Years Together: 70
Melvin & Aver Braneff
Sulfur, Louisiana
Married: January 23, 1947
Years Together: 70
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