Marriage is one of the greatest institutions ever devised by the Creator. Healthy marriages are the cornerstone of healthy families, the foundation for raising productive children, and a great blessing to the man, woman, and any children or grandchildren involved.

Each year LFF honors Louisiana’s longest-known married couples, as an effort to encourage healthy marriages, build stronger cultural support for the institution of marriage, and to remind Louisiana that lifelong marriage benefits everyone.

LFF is proud to announce that Gail & Patsy Richardson of Gonzales has won the title of 2021 Louisiana’s Longest Married Couple for the Louisiana Family Forum Marriage Hall of Fame! The Richardson’s celebrated their 80th Anniversary on September 1st, 2020!

2021 Longest Married Couple


Gail is 101 and Patsy is 99 years old! Patsy recalls that on their first date, Gail took her fishing. Their lines got tangled and they’ve been together ever since!

Gail, a World War II veteran, was in the medical corps, traveled overseas in the hospital unit, and later moved into the infantry. Their oldest child was only six months old when Gail left for the service.

Gail and Patsy’s marriage was more than a joining of two hearts, it was a joining of two faiths. Gail attends First Baptist Church Gonzales and Patsy goes to St. Mark’s Catholic Church. Patsy says people told them they would never make it, but here they are, still together after 80 years! She says that they’ve always respected one another’s faith and it has never caused problems. Communication is key, according to Patsy.

For Gail, age is just a number. “You’re only as old as think you are, and I don’t think I’m very old,” he says.

The Richardsons have two sons and one daughter who is deceased, 16 grandchildren (one deceased), 24 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.

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