Celebrating 25 years of championing faith, family, and freedom!


LFF’s Legislative Impact
2004 – 2022

194% improvement in the voting trends of 144 Louisiana legislators!

In 2004 …

Only 26 of 144 Louisiana legislators could be counted as Pro-Family and Pro-Liberty!

In 2022 …

87 out of 144 Louisiana legislators are granted Outstanding Family Advocate, Family Advocate, and Life and Liberty awards!

Also in 2004 …

78 of 144 Louisiana legislators were in the “Unfavorable – Needs Improvement” category!

But, In 2022 …

Only 39 out of 144 legislators were categorized as “Unfavorable – Needs Improvement!”

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What others are saying about LFF…

  • It is important to have the Louisiana Family Forum out there standing up for our values - those values that made this country the greatest in the history of the world. Thanks, Gene and the Louisiana Family Forum for what you do to stand up for our values every day.

    Rep. Steve Scalise
    Rep. Steve Scalise United States Congressman - U.S. House Minority Whip - Louisiana's First Congressional District
  • Louisiana Family Forum is not just a faith-based organization – they are a Christian advocacy group who actively works to advance the Kingdom of God here in Louisiana. Through their expert input on legislation, LFF insures Christians can hold their beliefs in our state and practice them here too!

    Dr. Will Hall
    Dr. Will Hall Louisiana Baptist Convention / Director of Public Policy
  • Congratulations to Gene Mills on receiving the Chuck Colson Advocate of Hope award. Your work in our communities has changed lives!

    Sen. Bill Cassidy
    Sen. Bill Cassidy United States Senator - Louisiana - Republican
  • Louisiana Family Forum is a key organization to our state and to the body of Christ. If it weren't for LFF, our lives would not be the same.

    Mark Stermer
    Mark Stermer The Church International / Senior Pastor
  • I can't imagine a Louisiana without Gene Mills, and Louisiana Family Forum, and all they have done over the last few decades for pro-life and pro-family!

    Jonathan Stockstill
    Jonathan Stockstill Bethany World Prayer Center / Senior Pastor
  • I believe in Gene Mills and all our friends at Louisiana Family Forum! They do a fantastic job of being a bridge - connecting policymakers with pastors. LFF is the thoroughfare of information that keeps us dialed in on critical issues that are shaping our communities and impacting our state. They stand on the front of the battle lines. They bless us - I know they will be a blessing to you.

    Mike Haman
    Mike Haman Healing Place Church / Senior Pastor
  • It's been my pleasure to work with Louisiana Family Forum for nearly two decades. LFF is an organization committed to defending faith, freedom, and traditional families. Without Louisiana Family Forum, Louisiana would be "just another state."

    Beryl Amedee
    Beryl Amedee Louisiana State Representative - District 51
  • Louisiana Family Forum is our number one source of information to keep us informed of what is going on at the State Capitol. They make it extremely easy and keep us vigilant on the issues that are important to us. We don't go to the polls until we look at their voter guides and legislative scorecards. Louisiana is very fortunate to have LFF on the front lines for us!

    Gail Lloyd
    Gail Lloyd Business Owner
  • Louisiana Family Forum has earned "an honored spot on the old marble halls (at the State Capitol.)  The newly conservative tone of state government is seeping through a host of successful bills — on school (choice) vouchers, academic freedom, stem-cell research, and tax, and spending cuts."

    New York Times
    New York Times

Key Areas of Interest:

Strong Marriages & Families

Marriages and families are strengthened and supported by public policy. We champion the cause of the basic building block of civilization – the nuclear family.

Criminal Justice Reform

Pursuing justice for those impacted by crime and incarceration. We are helping shape the conversation for Louisiana to become “Smart on Rehabilitation!”
CLICK HERE to read more on LFF’s Criminal Justice Reform progress! Gene Mills awarded the Charles Colson Hope Award!

The Value of Human Life

The sanctity and value of human life are protected from its very beginning to its natural end.

First Amendment Liberty

Free speech is a constitutionally protected right for all Americans – especially for those attending colleges and universities. Free exercise of religion is a bedrock principle of American governance.


Government should be limited by exercising frugality, encouraging entrepreneurship and free enterprise, and protecting property.

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