Expose the Equality Act

Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) is joining millions of Americans standing together to oppose the “Equality Act,” federal legislation that, if passed, would effectively issue a gag order for people of faith to share their values related to natural marriage, sexuality, gender transition for children, and more. The legislation is a direct affront to religious liberty.

This bill poses serious threats to Americans, especially women and children. If it becomes law, the Act will serve as a backdoor way to sanction abortions, introduce explicit content in school curriculum, let boys win in girls’ sports, pressure children toward experimental cross-sex hormones – and silence all of us who disagree.

A Promise is Needed to America’s Children

Children are among our most precious gifts, and they deserve to be protected in the whole of their persons—mind, body, and heart.

Sadly, though, American children are increasingly targeted for explicit sexual messages, images, and themes – and it’s happening at younger and younger ages. It comes not just through media, but also through government-sponsored initiatives at the federal, state, and local levels. School curriculum is filled with graphic information about sex, abortion, and politicized ideas about sexual orientation and gender identity.

If certain lawmakers have their way in passing the Equality Act, our children will be in even greater danger. This dangerous Act would pave the way for sexualized curriculum across the nation while overriding the authority of parents and penalizing Americans who dare to disagree with its agenda.

This is why LFF has signed onto the Promise to America’s Children, a coordinated national effort to outline common-sense policies that the Equality Act discards. We can’t afford not to speak up on issues as important as these. Parents and lawmakers can sign on to show their support.

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