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For Immediate Release:  06/25/2014

Federal District Court Judge Martin Feldman heard oral arguments in the case of Robicheaux, et al v. Caldwell, et al in a packed federal courtroom in New Orleans today. Plaintiffs claim that Louisiana’s marriage amendment discriminates against same–sex couples who wish to have their “marriages” from other states recognized in Louisiana.

The Honorable Judge Feldman questioned attorneys from both sides for over an hour. Feldman pleaded with plaintiffs to explain why a Federal court should overturn the will of the people from the sovereign state of Louisiana, as expressed in a democratic process.  In 2004, Louisiana voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state constitution by a 78 percent vote, defining marriages in Louisiana to be exclusively between one man and one woman.

Judge Feldman and attorneys repeatedly cited the Windsor case decided by the United States Supreme Court last year. In Windsor, the Court ruled 5-4, deciding that defining marriage is uniquely a state objective and that the Federal government cannot interfere with the states prerogative to define marriage.

Attorneys Kyle Duncan and Mike Johnson were selected by Attorney General Buddy Caldwell to represent the state of Louisiana and defend the state law on marriage.  Special Assistant Attorney Duncan commented after oral arguments today: “The State was pleased at how today’s hearing went. The court was clear that it will give fair and impartial consideration to these extremely serious issues, and that is all any litigant could ask.”

Gene Mills, President of Louisiana Family Forum, stated: “Judge Feldman conducted today’s proceedings in a fair and impartial manner while pressing the litigants to be mindful of the U.S. Constitution and the sovereignty of individual states. LFF is grateful for the service of both of the capable attorneys, Duncan and Johnson. We are cautiously optimistic that Judge Feldman will rely on the Constitutional right of states to define marriage and that Louisiana law will stand.”


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