We’d like to share seven LFF resolutions for 2023.

I know that practicing these seven habits can transform the political landscape where I work, and I invite you to bring them to your work too:

  1. I resolve to honor people and not to take every word so personally! If you’re looking for a reason to be offended, you’ll probably find it. Solution? Stop looking! Being offended is a choice, it’s not a virtue. Some people thrive on offense. Remember, honor trumps offense every time!!”
  2. I resolve to honor the ‘good’ in others- even people I disagree with or those who make me search for it. Life’s better when we acknowledge and celebrate the good in other people. “Search others for virtue, yourself for vice.” -B. Franklin
  3. I resolve to honor others by assuming the best about their motives There’s a tendency to judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. That’s not honest. Empathy requires that we offer others the same benefit of the doubt that we hope for!
  4. I resolve to honor my values and to respectfully debate issues. Debate is healthy. Ideas matter, and we should give full deliberation to the weighty matters of Life. Let’s just make sure we never attack the people who embrace the ideas we disagree with.
  5. I resolve to honor words like “thank you,” “yes-sir,” and “yes ma’am” and to resist words like “hate, “bigot,” or “fascist” for the rare occasion where they actually apply. This means forgoing their use as a pejorative. Words are powerful, and we lose credibility when we don’t choose them carefully. Remember, thoughtful words restore!
  6. I resolve to honor face-to-face communication to resolve conflict, repair offense, and steer confrontation. I reject gossip, betrayal of confidence, snarky tweets, and ugly Facebook posts. Rx.’s thrive under candid conversation, but we all should forego insults, especially in writing and online. When somebody dings you, “The best revenge is not to be like that.” -Marcus Aurelius
  7. I resolve to honor acts of kindness, fidelity, and integrity. Maybe this is the only resolution we need. Remember, we are all traveling this road together. That’s why we must treat all people with the same dignity we desire- in other words, follow the”golden rule!”

These goals may not be your responsibility, but they are your opportunity! We invite you to take LFF’s Honor Challenge! Louisiana will never be the same again!

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