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  • Rising global threats to U.S. national security now outbalance our armed forces’ ability to prevail against them as U.S. adversaries continue to develop far-reaching military capabilities.
  • President Obama’s mismanagement of defense has caused a drastic decline in military readiness and capabilities.
  • Weakness invites aggression. The U.S. must modernize and sustain its forces.


  • There is an alternative to the U.S.’s current half-hearted strategy that does not mean putting America on a perpetual war footing. But the focus needs to be on an unashamed projection of American strength aimed at deterring threats before they materialize.


  1. Fund defense commensurate with national security interests.
  2. Dedicate units and resources to robust experimentation to ensure that the US military remains the world’s most advanced and effective force.
  3. Improve collaboration among and between experimentation and research and development organizations.


  1. The Active Army has been reduced from 45 BCTs to 32 BCTs since 2012.
  2. The Navy only has 272 of the 350 ships it needs.
  3. The average age of USAF aircraft is 27 years; these planes are nearing the end of their expected life cycle.

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