FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  February 12, 2016

John Bel Edwards’ Psychological Warfare

Baton Rouge, La. — Gene Mills, President of the Louisiana Family Forum, had this to say of Governor Edwards’ state of the State address yesterday:

“TOPS is subject to legislative appropriation. The Governor has no authority to cut TOPS. Even if Gov. Edwards uses his unilateral authority to reduce the State General Fund by 3% and statutory dedications by 5%, the legislature can appropriate money in a supplemental bill in the regular session to fully fund TOPS. The Governor may line item veto it, but the legislature will override that veto.

“John Bell’s actual strategy last night came straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook. It is a classic bait and switch: tell them the sky has fallen on TOPS, and while they are fussing about it and the end of college football, force the largest tax increase in the history of Louisiana!

“Keep your eyes on the spending – see John Kennedy’s plan to rectify Louisiana’s shortfall!”



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