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Make your plans to join us Tuesday, July 20th, at the state capitol as we gather with pastors and leaders from all over the state to pray for and encourage our legislators as the 2021 Override Session begins. We will gather at 11:00 AM. Some details are subject to change so please keep watching this page!

We will meet at 11:00 AM in the Senate Basement – Hainkel Room. Directions are posted below.


Parking is available along River Road as well as Capitol Access Road which circles the capitol and in the Claiborne Building lot on North 3rd St. Public parking is also available on Spanish Town Road and streets to its south.

Directions to the Hainkel Room:

To get to the Hainkel Room, enter by way of one of the side entrances on the ground floor below the capitol steps. You will first go through the security check where there are metal detectors and x-ray machines. Visitors will be asked to remove all metal items from their person. All visitor belongings will be run through an x-ray machine. No weapons are allowed inside the Capitol including pocket knives. Once you are on the basement ground floor, facing the elevators, go to your left to the Senate side of the capitol – then go to the end of the hallway where you will go down the stairs to the Senate receptionist desk. Here you can be directed to the Hainkel room.

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Directions to the State Capitol:

The Louisiana State Capitol is located at 900 N. Third Street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The front entrance to the capitol is on the first floor and opens directly into Memorial Hall, commonly referred to as the rotunda. If you enter from the front steps into the rotunda, the Senate Chamber is located on the left and the House Chamber is located on the right.

The side entrances to the capitol are on the ground floor. Once you are on the ground floor, the Senate Committee rooms are located on the left side, or the “Senate side,” in Duval Hall.

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