In 2012 the Louisiana Legislature created a program which allows tax benefits to those who donate to a Student Tuition Organization (STO) that makes scholarships available to low-income students.  As originally crafted, the law allowed donors to receive a rebate on state taxes equal to the amount of the donation(s).

In 2017, the legislature passed SB 95/Act 377 to change the rebate to a non-refundable state income tax credit.

Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) has prepared a background memo on STO non-refundable Tax Credit.

Click the button below to read Louisiana’s Student Tuition Organization Law: La. R.S. 47:6301 et seq.

Click the button below to view SB 95/Act 377 of the 2017 Regular Session – effective January 1, 2018.

LFF has a chart outlining the STO changes and rebate to credit – effective January 1, 2018.
Click the button below to see the chart.

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