Slidell doesn’t want the Northshore Casino.

Out-of-state gambling interests are targeting a choice piece of real estate for yet another Louisiana casino – this time on St. Tammany’s Northshore in Slidell. This is a problem, not just for Slidell, but for the whole state. The company that is bidding to operate this casino, Peninsula Pacific Entertainment (P2E), is the same company whose casino project in Bossier City went bankrupt – but only after it carried millions upon millions of dollars out of state.

There are a number of reasons every Louisianian should oppose this new casino proposal:

Children are highly susceptible to gambling addiction, especially in poverty-stricken areas.

Gambling and lotteries aren’t ways to financial stability or independence — for 99.999% of those who participate, gambling will never be anything but a loss of wealth.

We need your voice to counter the gambling interests’ lobbyists in Baton Rouge. Please CLICK HERE to send an email to legislative committee members and ask them to VOTE NO on SB213 and HB497

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